Linkfest for the PeerJ launch

PeerJ published its first 30 articles a week ago (and published 10 more today), so it seemed like a good time to round up some of the coverage we received in a quick linkfest.

In addition to our own blog posts announcing the launch; overviewing some of the innovations of the site; explaining our choice of featured image; featuring some of the reaction to our Open Peer Review; and overviewing our technical infrastructure  the following represents a good sample of the coverage the launch received in the wider world:

Publishers Weekly

Guest Blog on Scientific American

The Digital Shift (the Library Journal) 

The Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week blog

The Guardian science blog

The We, Beasties blog

Controversies in Hospital Infection blog (by a PeerJ Academic Editor) 

The Figshare blog

The Boreal Beetle blog (by a PeerJ Academic Editor)


Insect Ecology Lab blog (by a PeerJ Academic Editor)

Neder-L blog (in Dutch)

The Scientist

The Hindu

The Chasing Down Emma blog 

The Shinka3 Blog (in Japanese)

The Theoretical Ecology blog

The SciLogs blog

My ScienceWork

The Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week blog 

Slashdot discussion

The iRights Info blog (in German)

Bio IT World

The Corante Copyfight blog 

The SciLogs BrainLogs blog (in German) (in Chinese)

 Also check out some of the Tweets we have favorited.


Thank you to all those who have written about us, or are following our developments. As you can see, we are now open for submissions and publishing some great science – we look forward to publishing your work in the future.

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