University of Western Ontario enrolls in PeerJ’s Annual Institutional Membership Program

by | Nov 22, 2023 | Announcement, Company News, Membership

The University of Western Ontario has recently become a member of the PeerJ Institutional Membership program, a move aimed at facilitating faculty access to APC-free (Article Processing Charge) Open Access publishing.

We are delighted to welcome Western as our latest Institutional Member. Joining the AIMs program signifies the University’s commitment to supporting its academic community by providing them with a route for disseminating their research findings openly without the financial barrier caused by APCs. By joining this initiative, the university empowers its faculty members to publish their scholarly work openly and accessibly.

Western Libraries support open culture, partnering with researchers to identify open avenues for disseminating research into the global knowledge base. Their support for Open Access is rooted in a commitment to:

  • Increase the visibility and impact of Western University research on a national and global scale.
  • Facilitate equitable access to scholarly materials for the betterment of society, regardless of location, affiliation, or status.
  • Enable interdisciplinary research collaboration.
  • Create opportunities for innovative scholarship through sharing and reuse of research outputs.
  • Make publicly funded research available to communities beyond the Academy.

We believe that a PeerJ Institutional Membership will help Western achieve their ambitious goals for open.

PeerJ Annual Institutional Membership (AIM) provides unlimited, frictionless OA publishing for institutional partners and their faculty. Simple to manage, easy to purchase and providing great cost saving opportunities, researchers will never have to worry about having to pay an APC, and librarians can say goodbye to the administrative overhead of dealing with payments on an article by article basis.

Institutions who are interested in AIMs should contact PeerJ.

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