PeerJ welcomes the University of Texas at Austin as our latest institutional member

by | Sep 5, 2023 | Announcement, Company News, Membership

UT Austin’s Institutional Membership with PeerJ provides unlimited publishing for their faculty with no APCs

We are excited to welcome the University of Texas at Austin to our Institutional Membership program, providing their faculty with unlimited open access publishing in any PeerJ journals with no APCs. Any corresponding or admin/submitting author who submits to PeerJ with a UT Austin affiliation will be eligible to use the membership; any faculty, staff or student member of the University with a different email address should contact and submit a request to use UT Austin’s Annual Institutional Membership.

“The unlimited publishing option offered through the PeerJ Annual Institutional Membership works well for us for a few reasons: it allows us to predictably plan our expenses for the year, doesn’t require us to closely monitor funds, and doesn’t create a situation where we may have to tell authors that the funds are already spent. This helps us promote Open Access publishing because we can confidently tell all our corresponding authors that they can publish in PeerJ journals at no cost to them” – Colleen Lyon, Head of Scholarly Communications, University of Texas Libraries

We are delighted that another long-term partner has renewed their support for PeerJ by joining the AIMs program. Their support further demonstrates a real appetite for change when it comes to Open Access, and a drive to remove barriers for authors choosing Open Access and administrative burden that has accumulated for librarians.

About AIMs

PeerJ Annual Institutional Membership (AIM) provides unlimited, frictionless OA publishing for institutional partners and their faculty. Simple to manage, easy to purchase and providing great cost saving opportunities, researchers will never have to worry about having to pay an APC, and librarians can say goodbye to the administrative overhead of dealing with payments on an article by article basis.

AIMs pricing is tiered and based on an institution’s publishing history in PeerJ’s journal portfolio. When a partner’s renewal is calculated, if the equivalent APC cost would have been less than the Membership fee, they can choose to carry over the difference towards their Membership renewal, or contribute to PeerJ’s Global Publishing Fund, which supports authors without the means to publish OA. AIMs simplify OA and are an important step towards a non-APC future of globally equitable access to read and publish open science.

Institutions who are interested in AIMs should contact PeerJ.


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