Call for Papers – Decision Making in Complex Systems: The Theoretical Basis

by | Dec 13, 2022 | Call for Papers, Special Issue

Part 2 of the PeerJ Computer Science Special Issue series on Decision Making in Complex Systems, with a focus on theory and methods

“In today’s era of big data, the underlying data are frequently ambiguous and indeterminate. Consequently, uncertainties tools and intelligent modelling must be substituted by manageable notions for DMs.” – Special Issue Editor Seyyed Ahmad Edalatpanah (Associate Professor, Ayandegan Institute of Higher Education)

In real-life challenges we regularly deal with inaccurate, uncertain, unknown, missing or inexistent facts. The expansion of decision theory can be attributed to the challenges posed by decision making in real-world circumstances. The defining of aggregation operators employed in decision making is essential, as is the development of theories fitted to the specific properties of the data. Supporting increased decision-making, decision support systems are one of the most significant developments. Recent advancements in the field of decision support systems offer unique perspectives on the key mechanisms of decision making and information processing that can address the decision support systems’ foundations, functionality, interfaces, implementation, effects, and evaluation.

“We need advanced fuzzy theory and decision making methods in complex systems. Therefore, it is very important to extend the fuzzy decision theory and method.” – Special Issue Editor Jun Ye, (Professor, Ningbo University)

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