#MyFavoritePeerJPaper Winners

Celebrating the winners of one of our 10th birthday celebrations! We asked to hear about your favorite PeerJ article from the last decade. With over 14,000 articles to choose from we we’re intrigued to find out which were your favorites, and why.

We picked five winners on August 15th, who won an APC waiver for any PeerJ journal.

The Winners and their Favorite PeerJ Papers

Tiago Lubiana chose two favorite PeerJ papers – Semantic micro-contributions with decentralized nanopublication services and Search, access, and explore life science nanopublications on the Web. Tiago writes “the PeerJ articles I have chosen are both in the field of nanopublications. Scientific reporting is messy, and nanopubs turn scientific conclusions into operational statements, using semantic web techniques. Both articles I’ve chosen discuss how to create and access nanopublications: Kuhn et al. focus on the technology and Giachelle et al. focus on the domain of life sciences. I find it remarkable that PeerJ gives visibility to nanopubs, which is why I’ve chosen the pair as #MyFavoritePeerJPapers.”

Doç.Dr. Tugba Türk chose Are aerosol control devices effective in preventing the spread of dental aerosol? , “because the article is about one of the hot topics in dentistry and contains fresh data.”

Joël Mossong’s favorite paper is Identification of Salmonella for public health surveillance using whole genome sequencing  – an article which got him to notice PeerJ, back in 2016. “A nice study by Ashton et al., one of the first to report routine implementation of whole genome sequencing in a public health surveillance lab.”

Svetlana Tsogoeva went for a PeerJ  Organic Chemistry article, Direct multicomponent synthesis of benzocoumarins by Ana Bornadiego, Jesús Díaz​ and Carlos Fernández Marcos.

Finally, Imam Rosadi chose Three-dimensional printing with biomaterials in craniofacial and dental tissue engineering saying that “the paper helps me to choose the suitable of additive manufacturing based on their limitation, which is related to my res topic. PeerJ helped a lot to publish my work in tissue engineering and my most cited article was published in PeerJ.”

Thanks to everyone who told us about their favorite PeerJ paper – it was great to see the range of articles selected.

PeerJ Turns 10!

In June, PeerJ officially turned 10! We’re celebrating with a series of giveaways, or birthday presents, to our users. We’re announcing new presents regularly, so keep an eye on the blog and our Twitter accounts.

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