Call for Papers: Food Safety Issues During- and Post-Pandemic/Epidemic Situations; Production, Packaging, Storage, and Analysis Interventions

This PeerJ Life and Environment and PeerJ Analytical Chemistry cross-journal Special Issue will highlight exciting new research into food safety during pandemic situations and beyond

We are looking forward to seeing exciting new literature on food safety in the context of pandemics and beyond. This issue is a platform for researchers to come forward with their work, that shall in the long run, provide resources towards mitigating hardships to people, especially with regard to access to safe and affordable food and nutrition. – Special Issue Editor Dr. Sapna Langyan

Food is one of the basic necessities of life, and it stands first among all the vital commodities. The impact of epidemic and pandemic events from time to time not only change the way we live, but largely also the way we produce and consume food. The recent event of COVID-19 and other emergent diseases in the 21st century, has laid an urgency on the safety of food in the supply chain from production to consumption. Moreover, new technological interventions are being developed to ensure the quality and safety of food products. Nevertheless, the challenges of meeting demand along with food quality and safety are much more and require utmost urgent technological interventions and effective logistic approaches.

This special issue shall bring together systematic research about one aspect of the pandemic that touches everyone’s life – food safety. Interestingly, food safety has engaged the attention of all, even though the current pandemic is not directly a food-borne illness. Technological advances in food safety shall remain a priority even in the post-pandemic world. – Dr. Pranjal Yadava

We welcome contributions including primary research articles, literature reviews, big data technology, community-based and other use cases, and empirical field investigations.

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