PeerJ Physical Chemistry: Free August

As part of our celebrations following the announcement of Professor Jan H. Jensen as the new Editor-in-Chief of PeerJ Physical Chemistrywe will be waiving the Article Processing Charge for accepted articles that are submitted to PeerJ Physical Chemistry in August this year.

PeerJ Physical Chemistry is an Open Access, peer-reviewed journal, publishing physical chemistry research articles and literature reviews. PeerJ Physical Chemistry evaluates submissions based only on an objective determination of scientific and methodological soundness, placing an emphasis on research integrity; high ethical standards; constructive peer-review; exemplary production quality; and leading-edge online functionality.

Any submission made to PeerJ Physical Chemistry during August will receive a 100% APC waiver if ultimately accepted for publishing in the journal following peer review. There is no need to apply for this waiver, as long as we receive the submission in August 2022, then the waiver will automatically be applied.

You can read more from PeerJ Physical Chemistry in our recent “Highlights in PeerJ Physical Chemistry” Collection, and find out about Jan’s aims and ambitions for the journal in the below interview.


Free Publishing – Terms & Conditions

The waiver is only for the APC and applies only to new submissions to PeerJ Physical Chemistry made in August 2022; other charges may still apply (e.g. for articles longer than 40 typeset pages); author services (copy-editing, video and graphical abstracts) are not included. Submissions that are started but not fully submitted, and manuscripts submitted outside of this period, are not eligible. Submissions must be in scope for PeerJ Physical Chemistry. The APC waiver cannot be transferred to any other journal.