Applications open for Editor-in-Chief roles on four PeerJ journals

PeerJ welcomes applications and nominations for the roles of Editors-in-Chief of PeerJ Analytical Chemistry, PeerJ Inorganic Chemistry, PeerJ Organic Chemistry and PeerJ Materials Science.

We want to further the development of these journals – and our service to their communities – by appointing Editors-in-Chief to individually head up the Editorial Board of each journal.

A strong advocate for their area of research and open science, the Editor-in-Chief is the senior member of the Editorial Board and the public face of the journal. We are open to applications from any academic who feels they could drive the development of the journals from an editorial and community perspective, working closely with PeerJ’s staff editors and Communities Team. By making this open call for  applications we hope to appoint a diverse and representative group of Editors-in-Chief, and particularly encourage applications from members of groups that are under-represented within the community.

The Editor-in-Chief role includes but is not limited to:

  • Working with PeerJ staff editors to define and refine the scope of the journal
  • Working with PeerJ staff editors to define article types that would be considered in scope of the journal
  • Providing editorial oversight and community leadership, ensuring a fair and consistent peer review process, and the highest standards of scientific practice in the research published in the journal, by reviewing individual decisions made by the Editorial Board of the journal. The Editor-in-Chief is not expected to personally handle submitted papers, but rather they are asked to approve final decisions made by our Editorial Board Members.
  • Providing short commentaries on articles published in the journal
  • Publishing a ‘Year In Review’ article every 12 months, summarizing the research published in the journal and the state of the journal’s field of research
  • Opportunity to launch one or more Special Issues each year 
  • Encouraging a sense of ‘community of interest’ among readers/authors and to encourage the field to see the journal as a home for ‘their’ research
  • Providing feedback to PeerJ as to how we can better serve and engage their unique community.

Each Editor-in-Chief will be able to:

  • Publish research in the any of the PeerJ chemistry and materials science journals for no charge (subject to peer review)
  • Personally invite up to 10 submissions per year from other researchers in the field who will be allowed to publish for no charge
  • Publish blogs on the PeerJ Blog
  • Present PeerJ Awards (a free article and a profile on the PeerJ Blog) to Early Career Researchers at conferences they attend

Each Editor-in-Chief will:

  • Be featured prominently on the journal homepage and in journal literature
  • Receive support from the PeerJ Communities Team to promote the journal and related PeerJ initiatives
  • Be invited to participate in at least one roundtable discussion per year with other academics in their field
  • Receive PeerJ goodies for their lab group members and colleagues

Apply today!

If you’d like to make a difference to open science and drive the development of one of PeerJ’s chemistry and materials science journals please apply today. To apply, please send your CV and any additional information you feel supports your application to, indicating which journal you are applying to be the Editor-in-Chief of. If you’d like to chat about the role before applying please drop us an email to set up a call.

The initial closing date for applications is July 22nd, 2022. 

About PeerJ

PeerJ was founded with the goal of effectively and efficiently publishing the world’s academic knowledge. To meet this goal, we strive to make the cost of Open Access publication as low as possible for individual authors whilst also providing a world class publication experience to our authors, readers, reviewers and editors. In repeated surveys, the vast majority of our authors tell us they have had an excellent experience with us and would recommend us to their colleagues.

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