PeerJ and the International Association for Biological Oceanography to launch first PeerJ Hub, a community-led scholarly publishing channel

We are delighted to announce that the International Association for Biological Oceanography (IABO) will be the first organization to launch a PeerJ Hub – a community-led scholarly publishing channel for IABO’s members.

We strongly believe that scholarly societies and associations, and the communities they support and develop, are vital to a thriving academic and research ecosystem. We are excited to partner with IABO to launch the first PeerJ Hub to serve the publishing needs of a modern, global research community such as theirs.

PeerJ Hubs, which will be built on top of PeerJ’s existing infrastructure and journal portfolio, will provide a submission portal for partner societies and research associations, with editorial guidance and oversight provided by their members. Peer review is managed by PeerJ, and articles are published in PeerJ’s existing portfolio, meaning members can immediately access high quality, indexed journals with established reputations and metrics. Hub partners can choose from a range of editorial and benefit models, including a revenue share, discounted APCs for their members, or a unique cooperative model based on PeerJ’s new Tokens program

Founded in 1966 at the 2nd International Congress of Oceanography, IABO seeks to promote the advancement of knowledge of the biology of the sea by providing opportunities for communication between marine biologists. An association of over 1000 marine biologists, IABO is a diverse, international and interdisciplinary organization. IABO organizes the triennial World Conference on Marine Biodiversity, which will be held in Penang, Malaysia in 2023. The IABO Hub will showcase research articles from its members, and integrate an array of tools and programs to support and grow a vibrant and equitable research community. 

“Through this partnership we hope to boost the scientific impact of the IABO community by lowering the costs of publishing in open access journals, enhancing the visibility of research conducted by our members, and facilitate networking experiences within our association. This is an initial step toward this goal,” said Enrique Montes, President of IABO.

The IABO Hub will launch later this year. We welcome discussions with other scholarly societies and associations who are interested in launching their own Hub and invite you to reach out to Nathaniel Gore, PeerJ’s Director of Communities to discuss your options.

“We want to provide an opportunity for membership organizations of any size, with or without an existing publishing program, to grow and positively impact their community, and transition to Open Access in an equitable way,” writes Nathaniel. “We’re delighted that IABO shares this vision and can’t wait to work closely with them to achieve their aims.”

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