PeerJ Tokens – using your Tokens

Last month we launched PeerJ Tokens, part of our Contributor Rewards program. Reviewers and Editors earn Tokens for their contributions to peer review; Tokens can be stacked, or accumulated, over time; multiple authors can apply them to a single submission; and very soon, users will be able to transfer their Tokens between each other. We’ve had a great response, with more than 600 reviewers signing up to earn rewards, and well over 5000 Tokens earned by Academic Editors and reviewers so far. We’ve also seen a marked increase in applications to join our Editorial Boards.

We’ve also introduced a new Token Manager to make it easy for you to use your Tokens. The Token Manager, which can be accessed when you’re logged into PeerJ, is easy to navigate but we thought it would be useful to share some screenshots to show how it works.

Token Manager

As soon as you save a Token allocation, the payment page for your submission will automatically update to show the remaining APC payment – if there is any; there’s no limit on the Tokens you can apply to our standard APC.

The ability to transfer Tokens between users will be coming soon.

If you have any questions or problems with managing your Tokens, please contact the Communities Team (

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