Meet our new Section Editors for PeerJ Life & Environment

We are excited to welcome two new Section Editors to PeerJ Life & Environment, including our first Section Editor for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disorders.

Meet our newest Section Editors

Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disorders

Celine GallagherWe are delighted to welcome Dr. Celine Gallagher as our first Section Editor for PeerJ Life & Environment’s recently launched Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disorders Section. 

Celine is a member of the faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Adelaide. Part of the team at the Centre for Heart Rhythm Disorders, Celine’s research explores ways in which outcomes can be improved in common heart rhythm disorders such as atrial fibrillation. Her PhD focused on innovations in care delivery for atrial fibrillation, and she is passionate about improving outcomes in this condition through the use of alternative models of care delivery.

Celine has extensive experience as a specialist Cardiology Nurse with a particular interest in improving outcomes in chronic cardiovascular conditions. She has worked in both Adelaide and London, UK and has held specialist Cardiology roles including the setting up and management of nurse-led PCI clinics, set up and management of a specialist angina clinic, cardiac rehabilitation consultant, chest pain support nurse and management of a device support clinic for patients with ICDs.

Celine joined the team at the Centre for Heart Rhythm Disorders in 2013 to undertake research related to atrial fibrillation.

Bioinformatics and Genomics

Brenda OppertWe are also very happy to announce that Dr. Brenda Oppert will join the Section Editor team for Bioinformatics and Genomics, alongside Paula Soares and Jun Chen.

Brenda is a Research Molecular Biologist at the Agricultural Research Service for the US Department of Agriculture and an Adjunct Professor at Kansas State University, where she received a Ph.D. in the area of protein biochemistry. At the Agricultural Research Service she works at the Center for Grain and Animal Health Research.

Recently, Brenda has been working on genomic resources for the development of insects as food to meet the global protein sustainability crisis. The research will improve the protein and vitamin content in insects for animal feed, and solve problems associated with disease in crickets and other species.

Brenda has published over 100 research articles and brings a huge amount of experience to the team.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Professor Keith Crandall, who has decided to step down as a Section Editor for Bioinformatics and Genomics. We are truly grateful for his efforts in developing the Section.

About Sections

PeerJ Sections cover most of the subjects published in PeerJ Life & Environment. We want Sections to be your community’s home at PeerJ. Sections are community led and exemplify a research community’s shared values, norms and interests. Section Editors provide editorial oversight and community leadership, ensuring a fair and consistent peer review process, and the highest standards of scientific practice in their fields.

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