PeerJ Conference Collections – Maximise the impact and visibility of your meeting

Are you organizing a conference or symposium and want to publish a collection of the research presented by your delegates? Partnering with PeerJ is the perfect solution to maximize the impact and visibility of both your meeting and its participants’ research.

PeerJ Conference Collections are a great way of preserving the content presented at an academic conference, and can be a fantastic promotional tool for future meetings and organizers. Your branded collection page and bespoke collection book can be shared with attendees as key outputs of the conference, and with prospective delegates of your next meeting to demonstrate the impact and opportunity of attending.

There are many benefits of publishing a PeerJ Conference Collection:

  • Download the PeerJ Conference Collections brochure

    Zero Cost to Organizers: PeerJ Conference Collections are simple to organize and incur no additional costs to the conference or collection organizer.

  • Customizable: as well as creating a bespoke landing page, personalized to your conference and the research topic, you can choose to use our collection abstract review system, and include blogs and conference reports in your collection.
  • Quality: all collection submissions to our seven high-quality, indexed journals undergo rigorous, developmental peer review, and authors enjoy our industry-leading customer service and unique submission platform.
  • Promotion: we create bespoke promotional material for our partner collections and will highlight them across our website (over 500,000 visitors per month) and our social media channels (over 30,000 followers). We also promise to promote your conference or symposium to help drive awareness and registrations.
  • Awards: we are happy to provide a PeerJ Award as part of your conference. PeerJ Awards are aimed at Early Career Researchers, and winners receive a free publication in a PeerJ journal – subject to peer review – and are featured on our blogs.
  • Reach: everything we publish is Open access, guaranteeing it can be read, shared and re-used by anyone. All PeerJ articles display usage metrics, and we’ll also provide a report on the metrics of your collection as whole.
  • Collection Books: we will compile your collection – the research articles and additional content – into a beautifully presented PDF that we will share with the authors and you can share with all attendees of the conference. See our promotional example here.

If you are organizing a scientific meeting and would like more information on PeerJ Conference Collections and the options available, please contact Alternatively, you can submit a request directly to us via our Collection Proposal Form.

Collection page for "Computational Learning for Robotics - RiTA 2020 Conference"

Collection page for “Computational Learning for Robotics – RiTA 2020 Conference”


PeerJ Award Winner announcement for the 43rd European Conference on Visual Perception

PeerJ Award Winner announcement for the 43rd European Conference on Visual Perception



All PeerJ articles will be peer-reviewed and an independent publication decision will be made by a PeerJ Academic Editor. Submitting to a PeerJ Collection does not guarantee the article will be published.