DEADLINE EXTENDED! Call for Papers: Animal- and Plant-Microbe Interactions Biology

Focusing on the amazing expansion of microbial diversity and the many facets of plant and animal microbiomes, we are excited to announce a new PeerJ Life & Environment Special Issue edited by Microbiology Section Editor Konstantinos Kormas and Editorial Board Member Kalliope Papadopoulou.

Although the human gut microbiome has opened the way for the investigation of microbiomes in other macroorganisms, microbiome science itself has progressed considerably by the application of ecological and evolutionary theories to explain and predict microbiome dynamics along different time and spatial scales. This interdisciplinary approach is blossoming towards what seems to be more and more common, i.e. the generation of microbiome-centric scientific hypotheses that bring host-associated microbiomes to the center stage.

This special issue is devoted to fruitful collaborations between basic scientific quests and translational approaches for a broader audience. To find out more and to submit your abstract, please visit


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