Call for Papers: The State of Active Coral Reef Conservation and Restoration

by | Apr 27, 2021 | Announcement, Call for Papers, Special Issue

Addressing advances in pursuit of restoring the spectacular biodiversity of coral reefs, we are excited to announce a Call for Papers for a new Special Issue – “The State of Active Coral Reef Conservation and Restoration” edited by PeerJ Aquatic Biology Section Editors James Reimer and Robert Toonen

Coral reefs are spectacularly biodiverse. Occupying less than 1% of the seafloor, they are home to more than 25% of known marine species. The ecosystem services provided by coral reef ecosystems are estimated at over $2.7 trillion USD per year, and roughly a billion people across the globe rely on coral reefs for food or income. Despite this importance, reefs have declined globally by over 30% since the 1980s and are projected to decline further under climate change scenarios predicted to occur within this century: 70-90% with an increase in temperature of 1.5°C and by >99% at an increase of 2°C (IPCC 2019). The increasing rate of global decline in coral reefs has galvanized many to seek active interventions to slow or reverse the loss of these invaluable ecosystems. This special issue seeks to highlight advances being made in pursuit of active coral reef restoration from coral nurseries and utilization of artificial substrata to adaptive biology solutions and bioengineering of more resilient corals.

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