Trends from IWANN 2021: A Conference Collection. PeerJ to collaborate with the International Work-Conference on Artificial Neural Networks

We are excited to announce a collaboration between PeerJ and the International Work-Conference on Artificial Neural Networks (IWANN) to publish a Conference Collection of selected research presented at their 2021 meeting, being held between 16th – 18th June. 

IWANN ( is a conference dedicated to computational intelligence techniques, and has been held biannually since 1991.

Trends from IWANN2021

Conference chairs Andreu Català, Ignacio Rojas and Gonzalo Joya told us:

“We are delighted to partner with PeerJ for this Conference Collection, which will gather novel research based upon selected and invited papers from IWANN 2021. The scope of selected papers is intended to be wide, to best shed light on the current landscape and future perspectives of the field.

As with previous editions of the conference, we strongly emphasize the wide range of topics contained under the umbrella of IWANN 2021 and, in particular, we will focus on trending topics such as Deep Learning and Big Data, Computational Intelligence and Human-Computer Interfaces. We seek to provide a discussion forum for scientists, engineers, educators, and students regarding the latest discoveries and realizations in the foundations, theory, models, and applications of systems inspired by nature, using computational intelligence methodologies, and emerging areas related to the above items”.

Outstanding research presented at IWANN 2021 will be selected by the conference organisers and invited to submit a full research article based on their presentation to the Conference Collection. Due to the nature of the IWANN scope, submissions are expected to be appropriate for either PeerJ Life & Environment or PeerJ Computer Science.

All submissions will be peer reviewed as normal by the journal, with accepted manuscripts making up the final collection. 

Additionally, PeerJ will sponsor an award for the best presentation given by an Early Career Researcher at IWANN2021. The recipient of the PeerJ Award will receive a free publication in a PeerJ journal (subject to peer review), including if the submission is made as part of the IWANN Conference Collection. The winner will also be invited to discuss their research on the PeerJ blog.


If you are organising a conference and would like to discuss a PeerJ Award or a Conference Collection, please get in touch via   

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