Call for Papers: Software Citation, Indexing, and Discoverability

Addressing the challenges of reuse, reproducibility and credit, we are excited to announce a Call for Papers for a new Special Issue – “Software Citation, Indexing, and Discoverability” – edited by PeerJ Computer Science Editors Daniel S. Katz and Neil P. Chue Hong

Software is increasingly essential to research. It can be viewed as both a tool to be recorded (for reproducibility) and cited (for credit) as a part of scholarly research works, as well as an output of research that can be used, reused, and further developed. Making this happen effectively leads to challenges in how it is cited, indexed, and discovered. These include challenges relating to: software metadata; identifiers for software and their relationship to those of other research objects; the role of other stakeholders such as indexes, libraries and registries; fostering adoption; development of related tools; and the role of the FAIR principles in this space. This special issue will focus on recent work addressing these challenges.

Find out more and submit your abstract for consideration on the Special Issue homepage:


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