Kickstart a Twitter conversation about your research

We’ve recently added a new feature to our articles to help kickstart a Twitter conversation about your research.  Update your PeerJ profile with your Twitter handle to allow readers to ‘Tweet Authors’ directly from your published article!

There is now a button that displays beside your author list when one or more of the authors have added their Twitter handle to their profile:

This allows readers to easily tweet @ the article authors. Clicking the button opens a Compose Tweet pop up with the authors Twitter handle(s) already added.


How to add your Twitter handle

  1. Visit your profile edit page.
  2. Add your Twitter handle in the ‘Online Presence’ section.
  3. Check the checkbox to ‘Display my twitter handle publicly (on my profile page, published articles etc.)’.
  4. Hit ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page

It takes 30 seconds. The more of your co-authors who do it, the larger the conversation!

Email your co-authors to tell them about this new feature 🚀

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