New year, new PeerJ homepages, and a new PeerJ Twitter account

You may have noticed a new look to some of our journal homepages this week; we’ve rolled out a fresh new design for PeerJ Life & Environment and our five chemistry journals, PeerJ Organic Chemistry, PeerJ Physical Chemistry, PeerJ Materials Science, PeerJ Inorganic Chemistry and PeerJ Analytical Chemistry, bringing them in line with PeerJ Computer Science. We hope the cleaner look to the new homepages will aid discovery of content and key information sought by our users.

We’ve also launched a new Twitter account this week, dedicated to sharing content published in PeerJ – the Journal of Life & Environment: @PeerJLife.

Meanwhile, @thePeerJ will continue to be an active Twitter account but over the next few months we’ll be moving its focus to PeerJ Publishing Company announcements, be they new product launches, community programs or developments within our wider community and in open science.

When PeerJ launched in 2012 the publishing company name and journal title were synonymous, but as we have launched new journals the distinction between the company and flagship journal could be more clear. Whilst the official title of our first journal remains PeerJ, we have for some time now informally referred to it as PeerJ Life & Environment to distinguish it from the other six journals we publish. We hope the new Twitter account and a dedicated homepage for PeerJ Life & Environment will help us disambiguate the company from our flagship imprint and better establish our status as a portfolio publisher and developer of community tools – such as expertRxiv and our efforts to develop a new ecosystem for society publishing in the form of PeerJx.

Please do check out the new homepages and follow @PeerJLife to keep an eye on the latest content published in PeerJ Life & Environment.  

As always we welcome your feedback – please reach out to us via Twitter or drop us an email with your thoughts.

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