Free October on PeerJ Computer Science

We’re delighted to announce Free October on PeerJ Computer Science. New submissions made to the journal between October 1st and October 31st that go on to be accepted for publication after peer review will have the APC waived. 

This June PeerJ Computer Science received its first Impact Factor – you can read more about it here – and we wanted to do something to say thank you to the CS community for everything that they have done to get the journal to where it is today; the editors and reviewers who have worked tirelessly on peer reviewing submissions, and authors for entrusting the journal with the dissemination of their research.

So this is our way of saying thank you! If you make a new submission to PeerJ Computer Science in October and your paper is accepted for publication after peer review, we’ll publish it free of charge. And if you don’t have a paper ready to submit, but have a friend or colleague who does, then please let them know – we want as many people as possible to take advantage of the opportunity for free Open Access publishing. 

We’re proud that our focus on individual articles and developmental peer review has resulted in the publication of high impact, game-changing research as well as incredibly positive feedback from authors about their publication experience at PeerJ Computer Science, and we want more researchers to enjoy that publication experience. 

You can read more about the scope and editorial criteria of PeerJ Computer Science here.  New submissions must be in scope for PeerJ Computer Science and completely submitted during the month of October, not just started. Some charges may still apply (e.g. for articles longer than 40 pages). 

We look forward to receiving your research:

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If you have any questions feel free to drop us an email ( or reach out to us on Twitter (@PeerJCompSci).

We’re also currently looking to recruit a new staff editor for computer science. If you’re interested check out the job listing.