Black Lives Matter

As a company that has fairness and equity of access to science as its heart, it is vital to state that we believe that should be true of society as a whole. To say nothing is to be complicit. We stand in solidarity with the Black community and against racism. 

Society is not fair or equal. Being a microcosm of society as a whole, we know that research and scientific communities are not always fair and equal, and as a publisher we pledge to work harder to support individuals, organizations and systems that are trying to change that for the better. 

Over the coming weeks we’ll be reaching out to groups representing Black scientists and academics to try to better understand how we can play our part. Can we be better at providing a platform to amplify the work of Black scientists? Can we do more to shine a spotlight not only on Black scientists’ research but also injustices suffered? Are Black scientists well enough represented on our Editorial and Advisory boards? We believe it’s important to ask these questions and many more. We promise to be proactive, but please do get in touch if we can support your work or your organization (; @thePeerJ on Twitter).

We want to support  and provide a platform for all marginalized communities in science and research, and work towards an ecosystem – and a world – where color, gender, ability or background have no impact on an individual’s chance to succeed. If we can do more to provide that support and that platform, please contact us and help us to be better (

Black Lives Matter.