Full fee waivers and fast-track peer review for COVID-19-related manuscripts across all PeerJ journals

In light of the urgent necessity for peer-reviewed research on COVID-19 , PeerJ is announcing a new policy aimed at speeding up the dissemination of this vital science. Following the call by Chris Chambers and Royal Society Open Science, all COVID-19 Registered Report submissions across all of our journals will be reviewed within seven days using established Registered Reports criteria. To further reduce barriers, full fee waivers will also be applied to all COVID-19 manuscripts.

As we each look to play a role in combatting and lessening the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in our communities, we are keenly aware of the vital role the research community currently plays around the world. In this rapidly-evolving situation, it is now more important than ever that life-saving research on COVID-19 be peer-reviewed and made available to all as soon as possible.

It is our responsibility at PeerJ, as the publisher of seven peer-reviewed journals, to support our community to facilitate this as best as possible. We understand working conditions around the world have been deeply impacted but we are encouraged by the commitment shown by our staff, authors, reviewers, and editors to enable the sharing of open and transparent science.

As such, all article processing charges for COVID-19 submissions are automatically waived, and to ensure that high-quality protocols can be implemented as swiftly as possible, the journal will strive to complete the initial Stage 1 review of any Registered Report within 7 days of receiving a submission. Accepted Registered Reports will undergo production and publication in the journal as rapidly as possible, but authors will also be encouraged to post them on an appropriate pre-print server immediately on Acceptance. Any (non Registered Report) COVID-19 submissions will also be processed through peer-review and production as expeditiously as possible.

For your COVID-19 related submissions, please check the box on our submission page:

To accelerate the handling of submissions, we encourage you to complete your Stage 1 Registered Report using this online template, which will help ensure clear linking of the research question, hypotheses, analysis plans and prospective interpretation. We recognize that not all parts of the template will be relevant for all fields, but as a minimum please ensure that your manuscript includes the design planner in Section 9 of the template. Manuscripts will be assessed using identical criteria to RRs at Royal Society Open Science. Please mention COVID-19 prominently in your Stage 1 manuscript title and/or cover letter to assist the journal administrative team in expediting your submission.

We are inspired by all the work undertaken around the world to understand and address this pandemic. The research community will continue to play a crucial role and we at PeerJ will continue to look for new ways to support this work. PeerJ aims to continue publishing all research during this pandemic. We ask for your patience if you experience any delays as a result of the challenges that the world is now facing.