Free Open Access publishing for Chemistry and Computer Science subject areas

Update August 2020: Please note that publishing in PeerJ Computer Science is no longer free – but our Chemistry journals remain free to publish in during 2020. For more information on APCs and lifetime memberships see our Pricing Page.

As it is February, we are thrilled to celebrate another year of publishing at PeerJ. We have now been publishing peer-reviewed articles for six years! With our streamlined submission system (saving our authors hours of time) and the rigorous peer review and editorial model we have coordinated and developed over the years, we are incredibly proud of all the research we have published and helped share far and wide. This milestone is, of course, an achievement in itself, but we are even more excited about our growth as a scientific publisher.

You may have heard that we recently launched five new journals in Chemistry, which brings the PeerJ journal portfolio to seven peer-reviewed titles plus our preprint server.

As part of our mission at PeerJ, we are committed to efficiently publishing the world’s knowledge. But efficient publishing is not just about speed – it is also about making scientific publishing more transparent, from the costs of publishing to the peer review process, and ultimately making it fast, fair and affordable for all researchers.

With our new subject areas, we are sensitive to the fact that it can be difficult to move away from traditional ways of publishing – even if the community has long recognized the need for better publishing alternatives. Our job is to give researchers the tools and service they need to accelerate open, rigorous science in these fields.

To help encourage and support this shift, we are proud to be able to offer full fee waivers for all our new Chemistry journals as well as continuing to offer it for our Computer Science journal. We are confident in the quality delivered with the PeerJ experience and are thrilled to be able to offer this to as many new researchers as possible.

How to take advantage of free publishing at PeerJ:

  • Create a free account and submit your manuscript for peer review at PeerJ Computer Science, PeerJ Physical Chemistry, PeerJ Organic Chemistry, PeerJ Inorganic Chemistry, PeerJ Analytical Chemistry, or PeerJ Materials Science
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  • Upon acceptance, a full fee waiver will be applied to your submission automatically
  • Share your Open Access manuscript with all your colleagues!

You can find author instructions and more information on the journals’ scope here:

Why researchers choose to publish with PeerJ:

  • Speed: Median of 26 days to first-decision, 2x faster than similar journals
  • High-quality peer review: Detailed, constructive improvement of your work
  • Broad audience: Publishing at PeerJ provides the widest access and impact
  • Positive feedback from our authors: 99.7% of published authors surveyed would recommend PeerJ to a friend

Share the news with your colleagues — let them know it is free to publish your Chemistry and Computer Science research open access!