Submissions are now open for our five peer-reviewed chemistry journals – free to publish in 2019!

We are thrilled to announce that submissions are now open for five new journals dedicated to the Chemical Sciences. Starting today, researchers can submit manuscripts to PeerJ, for peer review, to the journals ‘PeerJ Physical Chemistry’, ‘PeerJ Organic Chemistry’, ‘PeerJ Inorganic Chemistry’, ‘PeerJ Analytical Chemistry’, and ‘PeerJ Materials Science’.

Over 150 Academic Editors have joined the Editorial Boards to ensure rigorous peer review is overseen by leading experts in these fields. Adding to its existing journals which cover Life & Environmental Sciences, and Computer Science, this expansion presents a significant opportunity to increase the availability of chemistry research as well as broadening the affordable publishing options for chemistry researchers. Authors can visit for more information on the journals and their Academic Editors.

Newly joined Academic Editor Jan Jensen from the University of Copenhagen writes, “I am delighted that PeerJ is expanding into chemistry and I look forward to serving as an editor. I have found the lack of focus on “perceived impact” as editorial criteria at PeerJ incredibly liberating as this allows me to be more innovative (i.e. take more chances) in my research and the process makes the papers easier to write. I am also a huge fan of PeerJ’s optional open peer review, which in my experience lead to more constructive reviews, as well as the Lifetime Membership approach to APCs.” We will be sharing more perspectives from our esteemed Editorial Board in the coming weeks.

Jason Hoyt, Co-founder and CEO of PeerJ said “With so many requests over the years to expand PeerJ’s scope to include chemistry subject areas, we feel like this is a great time to grow our journal offering and provide a publishing experience for chemists that is fast, rigorous, and fair. We know chemistry has been slower to adopt Open Access publishing practices than other areas like biology, so we are keen to work with the chemical sciences community to build a more sustainable scholarly publishing system.”

As with all other PeerJ articles, the five new journals will publish all articles under a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY), the gold standard in open access publications, which allows users to freely and openly share, copy and distribute a work, while at the same time crediting the authors who also retain copyright of their article. PeerJ is waiving all article processing charges in 2019, which means it is entirely free to submit, receive peer review, and publish open access in these subject areas.

Announcing the launch, Peter Binfield, Co-founder and Publisher of PeerJ said, “With six years of journal publishing under our belt at PeerJ, we have developed an efficient and comprehensive suite of journal and peer-review functionalities which our authors, editors and reviewers love. We are looking forward to applying this expertise and working with the chemistry community to deliver a high-quality publishing experience suitable to their needs. Feedback from our Editorial Boards, Reviewers and Authors is going to be crucial.”

We look forward to working more with the chemistry community to make it as easy as possible for researchers to receive peer review and share their work. We are also keen to hear from you on how we can better serve the chemistry community’s research needs. In addition to our now seven journals, PeerJ also hosts a free preprint server, PeerJ Preprints, for biology, medical, environmental, computer sciences and now chemistry.

Submit your articles today for peer review and take advantage of the full fee waivers in all five of the new chemistry journals. For more information, visit: