Top 5 most-viewed articles in PeerJ Computer Science in 2018

PeerJ Computer Science continues to offer a publication venue suitable for the unique research needs of the computer sciences community. Beyond the journal article, computer scientists require a journal to receive peer review and adequate recognition for their contributions in software creation, software testing, and software sharing.

By publishing cross-disciplinary research across the full spectrum of computer science, PeerJ Computer Science has encouraged more cross-fertilisation between fields and we hope to continue to grow as a hub for the computer science community as a whole.

In 2018, we were thrilled to be able to offer full fee waivers for PeerJ Computer Science articles and we will continue to waive article processing fees into 2019. If you are looking to receive rigorous peer review and publish your computer science research, now is a great time to submit your manuscript to PeerJ Computer Science!

The computer science community has long recognized the value of a modern publication process and we are proud to team up with a number of supportive partners over the years including USENIX – the Advanced Computing Systems Association, whereby their members and conference delegates are encouraged to publish their research in PeerJ Computer Science.

Top 5 most-viewed and downloaded articles in PeerJ Computer Science in 2018:

Journal of Open Source Software (JOSS): design and first-year review by Smith AM, Niemeyer KE, Katz DS, Barba LA, Githinji G, Gymrek M, Huff KD, Madan CR, Cabunoc Mayes A, Moerman KM, Prins P, Ram K, Rokem A, Teal TK, Valls Guimera R, Vanderplas JT.

The Modern Research Data Portal: a design pattern for networked, data-intensive science by Chard K, Dart E, Foster I, Shifflett D, Tuecke S, Williams J.

Supervised deep learning embeddings for the prediction of cervical cancer diagnosis by Fernandes K, Chicco D, Cardoso JS, Fernandes J.

AutoWIG: automatic generation of python bindings for C++ libraries by Fernique P, Pradal C.

MCLEAN: Multilevel Clustering Exploration As Network by Alcaide D, Aerts J.

In addition to journal articles, we hosted a number of PeerJ Collections in Computer Science areas including Open Source Geospatial Research & Education Symposium (OGRS2018) and Geomorphometry 2018.

We are looking forward to teaming up with more great societies and conferences in 2019!