Announcing the first PeerJ Award of 2019 — Best Presentation at the 9th International Biogeography Society conference!

Drumroll please… announcing the first PeerJ Award of 2019 and continued support of students and early career researchers! Our first award of the year will be for Best Oral Presentation by a student or post-doc at the 9th Biennial Conference of the International Biogeography Society being held January 8-12, 2019 in Malaga, Spain.

The winner will receive a complimentary PeerJ paper (upon submission and acceptance through our normal peer review system – a $1095 value) and an interview on the PeerJ site about his or her research.

The PeerJ Awards program aims to support students and early career researchers as well as bring continued awareness to the benefits that open access and open communication have in keeping the scientific record open and available to all. PeerJ publishes rapid, peer-reviewed research in biology, life sciences and environmental sciences. We are pleased to support students and post-docs at the International Biogeography Society’s meeting.

The International Biogeography Society was founded in 2001. Biogeography is a dynamic and multidisciplinary field that seeks to understand the role of historical factors in shaping biodiversity and to develop predictive capacities for gauging how biodiversity will respond to our rapidly changing world. Rapidly developing technologies (including genomic tools and environmental models) together with the availability of big data and increasingly sophisticated analytical tools, have poised the field for a revolution that brings its relevance into domains far beyond ecology and evolutionary biology, to include paleontology, bioinformatics, global change biology, conservation, and invasion biology, as well as sustainable food systems and ecosystem services.

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If you would like to offer a PeerJ Award at your conference, do get in touch! Questions about PeerJ Awards may be directed to Sierra Williams, Community Manager at