PeerJ Award to be offered at Microbial Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics

PeerJ is pleased to announce an upcoming award at this month’s IGC Symposium 2018: Microbial Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics.

The winner of the “PeerJ Best Talk Award” will be selected by their peers at the symposium. The prize includes a complimentary PeerJ paper (upon submission and acceptance through our normal peer review system – a $1095 value) and an interview on our site about their research. We are pleased to support this symposium and open science as well!

The IGC Symposium 2018 – Microbial Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics is being held Oct 22-24, 2018 at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência in Oeiras, Portugal. The meeting aims to discuss recent developments in microbial eco-evolutionary dynamics research and serve as a venue for integrating the results obtained from different fields of evolution and ecology.

By bringing together experts on different aspects of microbial evolution and ecology (e.g. experimental evolution, comparative genomics, ecological interactions, and theoretical biology), the intent is to facilitate the development of new research strategies to better understand the generation and maintenance of microbial diversity.

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