Bad Science Part 3: Podcast interview with Corina Logan

Early Career Researchers

PeerJ co-founder Jason Hoyt speaks with Dr. Corina Logan in this ongoing series on “Bad Science.” Dr. Logan is a Senior Researcher in Evolutionary Anthropology at the Max Planck Institute where her lab studies how species adapt to new environments.

1:00 – Path to becoming a scientist
4:10 – Reproducibility rears its head
6:49 – “Bullied into Bad Science” as a response
8:02 – University of Cambridge renews “exploitive” Elsevier contract
13:05 – Who’s pressuring ECRs into bad science?
16:45 – “The natural selection of bad science”
18:40 – Pre-registrating experiments/ GitHub / R
25:23 – Academic careerism issue
28: 15 – Who guards the guardians?
31:40 – Academic Freedom

Corina Logan on Twitter
Corina’s Grackle OpenScience GitHub repo
Logan Lab Page
Bullied into Bad Science Campaign

Paul E. Smaldino and Richard McElreath. The natural selection of bad science. RSOS 2016.

Original music by Jeremy Sherman. Licensed(73171-MTR-108920).

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