Publish for free in PeerJ Computer Science: Full fee waivers for new submissions

*Note: This post is from 2018 and information on fee waivers may be out of date — for the most up-to-date info on PeerJ Computer Science pricing, please visit

PeerJ Computer Science is waiving all publication fees for new submissions until the end of April 2019. If you are a computer scientist and have a manuscript ready for peer review, this is a great chance to receive high-quality peer review and try out our streamlined publication process.

We are proud to work with the computer science community to continue to offer a publication venue suitable for their research needs. Beyond the journal article, computer scientists require a venue to receive adequate recognition for their contributions in software creation, software testing, and software sharing. We are keenly aware of the importance of these activities and computer science research more broadly for developing the future of science.

Here are five recent highlights published in PeerJ Computer Science demonstrating computer science’s instrumental role in furthering efficient and effective research communication:

More about PeerJ Computer Science:

PeerJ Computer Science is a cross-disciplinary, peer-reviewed open access journal publishing articles across all fields of computer science. PeerJ Computer Science first started accepting preprints and submissions for peer-reviewed articles in February 2015, and has been publishing high-quality open access article since then.

The computer science community has long recognized the value of a modern publication process and we are proud to team up with a number of supportive partners over the years including USENIX – the Advanced Computing Systems Association, whereby their members and conference delegates are encouraged to publish their research in PeerJ Computer Science.

PeerJ Computer Science operates in exactly the same way as PeerJ – articles are published through CC BY licensing ensuring that the content is freely accessible to the world. By publishing cross-disciplinary research across the full spectrum of computer science, PeerJ Computer Science encourages more cross-fertilisation between fields and we hope to continue to grow as a hub for the computer science community as a whole.

How to take advantage of this offer:

  • Create a free account and submit your manuscript for peer review
  • Upon acceptance, a full fee waiver will be applied to your submission automatically
  • Share your Open Access manuscript with all your colleagues!

You can view the journal scope and additional information about the journal here:

Why researchers choose to publish with PeerJ:

  • Speed: Median of 26 days to first-decision, 2x faster than similar journals
  • High-quality peer review: Detailed, constructive improvement of your work
  • Broad audience: Publishing at PeerJ provides the widest access and impact
  • Positive feedback from our authors: 99.7% of published authors surveyed would recommend PeerJ to a friend

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