Introducing the PeerJ Collection for the World Conference on Marine Biodiversity #WCMB2018

The World Conference on Marine Biodiversity (WCMB) has become the major focal assembly to share research outcomes, management and policy issues, and discussions on the role of biodiversity in sustaining ocean ecosystems. This meeting is taking place this weekend and will bring together scientists, practitioners, and policy makers to discuss and advance our understanding of the importance and current state of biodiversity in the marine environment.

Through a mix of keynote sessions and contributed talks the conference program will address marine biodiversity across a deliberately wide range of relevant sectors. Participation will be encouraged from the broadest possible range of stakeholder groups from academics to industry.

The organizers provided the opportunity for WCMB 2018 attendees to make their abstracts publicly available through a PeerJ Collection. In this era of rapid communication, we are proud to facilitate and support the WCMB’s sharing of conference material. We also applaud the organizers’ efforts to increase the visibility of all the works that will be shown in the conference.

Browse the World Conference on Marine Biodiversity PeerJ Collection here:

The 4th WCMB will bring together scientists with decision and policy makers, NGOs and industry to review current knowledge of marine biodiversity and its role in marine ecosystem function and services; assess critical threats to marine systems, encourage inter-disciplinary discussions, discuss about sustainable development, and identify future priorities.

Over the next few days, presenters will be discussing the many research developments that are shaping marine biology today including:

1. Biodiversity in a changing ocean

2. Marine biodiversity in the Anthropocene

3. Strategies for conservation of marine biodiversity

4. Biodiversity discovery & prediction

5. Blue biotechnology & marine genetic resources

6. Integrative frameworks to link environmental & biological drivers of biodiversity

7. Linking biodiversity to ecosystem function and services

8. Biodiversity tools & data

9. Application of biodiversity knowledge

10. The human element

Highlights from the World Conference on Marine Biology Collection:

Research Infrastructures offer capacity to address scientific questions never attempted before: Are all taxa equal?

Regional environmental conditions determine tolerance to future warming of a marine macroalgae forests

Drastic effects of climate change on Mediterranean marine forests

Traits matter: When rarity means more than abundance to functional diversity

Cataloguing and monitoring changes in Arctic marine biodiversity through SCUBA diving

Presenters can continue to submit conference materials such as abstracts, slides and posters to the WCMB Collection during and after the event. Follow the tweets at #WCMB2018.

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