Guest Post – The SAVE-SD 2015 Collection


Guest blog post from Silvio Peroni, Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Bologna.

The first “International Workshop on Semantics, Analytics, Visualisation: Enhancing Scholarly Data(SAVE-SD 2015) was a great success, as demonstrated by the 23 submissions received from Europe, Asia, United States and Canada.

savesd2015-01The main goal of this workshop was to bring together academic publishers, companies and researchers from different fields (including Document and Knowledge Engineering, Semantic Web, Natural Language Processing, Scholarly Communication, Bibliometrics, and Human-Computer Interaction) in order to bridge the gap between the theoretical/academic and practical/industrial aspects of scholarly data. To this end, several people were involved as members of three different programme committees (Senior PC, Academic PC, and Industrial PC).

Due to the increasing interest in publishing conference proceedings beyond the PDF format (so that they can be machine-readable), SAVE-SD 2015 allowed the submission of papers in both PDF format and using Research Articles in Simplified HTML (RASH), an HTML-based format that allows for the embedding of RDFa annotations and Turtle statements within a document. This initiative was well received: 37.5% of the accepted papers adopted this novel HTML-based publication format.

savesd2015-02The authors of selected papers from the workshop were invited to submit an extended version of their work to a special “SAVE-SD 2015” Collection within PeerJ Computer Science. Four papers were involved in this selection process, and three of them have been already published within the collection.

– Sateli B, Witte R. (2015) Semantic representation of scientific literature: bringing claims, contributions and named entities onto the Linked Open Data cloud. PeerJ Computer Science 1:e37

– Wu Y, Venkatramanan S, Chiu DM. (2016) Research collaboration and topic trends in Computer Science based on top active authors. PeerJ Computer Science 2:e41

– Golden P, Shaw R. (2016) Nanopublication beyond the sciences: the PeriodO period gazetteer. PeerJ Computer Science 2:e44

Considering the great success of this SAVE-SD 2015 collection, the current organisers of the 2016 edition of the SAVE-SD workshop re setting up a new PeerJ Collection that will include the selected papers from that event.

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