PeerJ Announces publishing partnership with USENIX Association






PeerJ is excited to announce a new publishing partnership with USENIX – the Advanced Computing Systems Association.  Our partnership with USENIX will enable open access peer-reviewed publishing for USENIX members and USENIX conference delegates in PeerJ Computer Science.

With only a small portion of the submissions for any given USENIX event being selected for presentation at the event, or for publication in the official proceedings to maintain selectivity, USENIX recognized that a far greater number of submissions offering a significant contribution to the scientific community could and should be published. Therefore they wanted to partner with a publisher that shared their strong mission for free and open access to research. We are delighted that they have chosen to partner with us to encourage their members and conference delegates to publish with PeerJ. We look forward to welcoming USENIX members and conference delegates as PeerJ authors.

Beginning with the 2015 USENIX Annual Technical Conference (USENIX ATC ‘15), authors of rejected papers can choose to submit their work for consideration to PeerJ Computer Science. We are offering free publication for researchers until Monday, August 3, 2015, so now’s the perfect time to submit your research. Just head over to PeerJ Computer Science and register your interest to receive your discount coupon.

Please contact us at, or alternatively contact Camille Mulligan at USENIX  with any questions.

About the USENIX Association

USENIX is the Advanced Computing Systems Association. For 40 years, it has been the leading community for engineers, system administrators, scientists, and technicians working on the cutting edge of the computing world. USENIX conferences are the essential meeting grounds for the presentation and discussion of technical advances in all aspects of computing systems. USENIX is the only organization of its kind that supports entirely open access to research. For more information about the USENIX Association and to support their efforts, visit

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