Announcing PeerJ Picks 2015

Yesterday, PeerJ passed the milestone of two years of publishing articles (we started publishing on Feb 12th 2013). Also yesterday, our new journal PeerJ Computer Science opened for submissions! We celebrated by putting together an infographic and a short video – check them out.

As we did last year though, we also wanted to mark the date by releasing a selection of 20 ‘staff picks’ which represent some of our more memorable and interesting peer-reviewed articles from 2014. Therefore, we are pleased to announce the creation of the “PeerJ Picks – 2015” Collection.


Staff combed through the 471 peer-reviewed articles published in PeerJ during 2014 and picked out 20 highlights which represent the scope and diversity of the articles we have published to date. These articles showcase the full breadth of articles being published in the PeerJ journal.

We encourage you to explore this Collection, as well as all other PeerJ and PeerJ PrePrints publications, and add your own picks to the comments below this blog post.

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