Tweet linkfest for the launch of PeerJ Computer Science

PeerJ Computer Science was announced exactly a week ago today, and since then we’ve received lots of positive commentary. So to celebrate one week since our launch we’ve rounded up a linkfest to some of the lovely tweets we’ve already received.

In addition to our own blog posts announcing the launch we’ve also received our first computer science PrePrints. Exciting times! Submissions to the peer-review journal open this Thursday 12th February and we’re looking forward to receiving the first of many peer-review articles to come. And what’s more we’ve made it easy for you to submit – simply register your interest and get free publishing credits for you and your colleagues.

The following represents a good example of the Tweets we have received over the last 7 days:

Finally, an open access Computer Science publisher with a reasonable business plan! @CaptainEmerson

Looks interesting and promising: open access, peer-reviewed computer science journal @s_bergmann

PeerJ is a disruptive publishing journal for many reasons. Their second journal will be PeerJ Computer Science @Symbionticism

Check out the advisory board on this new journal.  Very, very impressive @jschneider

Good news for Computer Science academics. New open journal “PeerJ Computer Science” from the nicely-designed @thePeerJ. (@PeerJCompSci) @mclduk

Nice gender diversity on the @thePeerJ Computer Science academic board! Great way to launch @hollybik

O frabjuos day!  PeerJ arrives to Computer Science — open access, preprints, no page limits, *fast*, cheap. @pyzza

PeerJ launches a computer science open access journal, with an impressive set of editors @JMarkOckerbloom

That the field which spawned open source has not previously achieved viable open access is a sad commentary on academic culture @koadman

More affordable open access places to publish! PeerJ Computer Science now exists @afcaber

PeerJ has a finally a CS journal. Time to revise publishing plans @mendezfe

New Open Access CS journal @PeerJCompSci looks promising, with nice features like Source Code, Data, & Review DOIs @IgorBrigadir

PeerJ CS – open access journals like this solve horrible issues with traditional academic publishing @simonwibberley

Much much needed. One of the areas where closed has won over open for far too long @getcrane

Thank you to all those who have written about us, or are following our developments. We couldn’t do it without you! We are accepting PrePrints now and peer-review submissions from Thursday 12th February – we look forward to welcoming you as an author.

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