It’s a double celebration for our homepage launch!

We’re in celebratory mood here at PeerJ – not only does today see the launch of our brand new home page, but also by way of celebration and due to popular demand, we are extending our offer to publish your article free for another four weeks until December 19th.


Over the last few months we’ve been very busy behind the scenes taking the time to listen to all of our users, and asking them what more they’d like to see. We built PeerJ with the scientific community in mind, so it is extremely important to us that we not only listen to our users but also deliver the best possible platform based on their feedback. Our new homepage, combined with refreshed navigation and new features, is at the very start of the journey to ensure we do just that.

For instance, we now offer on our homepage improved search functionality, and feature recently cited articles and selected Article Collections. We’ll have further developments launching over the coming months that enrich the user experience of PeerJ, making it one of the best places to publish your research at maximum speed, for minimum cost. We look forward to sharing these new developments with you as and when they launch.

Our excellent recent Author Survey results demonstrate that we are getting a lot of things right, but we don’t ever want to rest on our laurels. Innovation is at the core of everything we do, which means constantly iterating on our existing platform, whilst building out new features.

So, what better way to test out PeerJ as an author than by submitting an article? When asked in our survey, 100% of published authors said they would recommend us to their colleagues, so why not join them and see what all the excitement is about? To make it even easier to try us out, and in celebration of our new homepage, we are now extending our offer to publish your article for free until December 19th, 2014. By doing so we hope you’ll see why 100% of our published authors would recommend us to their colleagues. We look forward to welcoming you to PeerJ.


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