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Bin Xue


Research Assistant Professor of the Department of Molecular Medicine at University of South Florida. Academic Editor of PeerJ. Regional Editor of Protein Peptide Letters. Academic Editor of PLoS ONE. Associate Editor of International Journal of Bioinformatics Research. Associate faculty member of Faculty 1000. Member of Biophysics Society.

Dr. Xue is fascinated by questions related to protein sequence-conformation-function and roles of protein molecules and their interactions in the process of development, evolution, and human diseases. In all these questions, protein conformation and conformational changes play key roles. Many proteins have specific 3-dimensional structures to perform their functions. Meanwhile, more proteins have been found without rigid 3-dimensional structures under physiological conditions. These two types of proteins are usually called structured proteins and intrinsically disordered proteins. Dr. Xue is using various computational tools to study these two types of proteins.

Current projects include: Machine-learning based prediction of protein intrinsic disorder and structural properties; Molecular simulation of proteins; Docking; Protein interaction pathways and networks; Molecular mechanisms of diseases; Theoretical topics on computational molecular biology and biophysics

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University of South Florida
Departmment of Molecular Medicine

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February 12, 2013
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