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To increase transparency, PeerJ operates a system of 'optional signed reviews and history'. This takes two forms: (1) peer reviewers are encouraged, but not required, to provide their names (if they do so, then their profile page records the articles they have reviewed), and (2) authors are given the option of reproducing their entire peer review history alongside their published article (in which case the complete peer review process is provided, including revisions, rebuttal letters and editor decision letters).

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  • The initial submission of this article was received on April 6th, 2014 and was peer-reviewed by the Academic Editor.
  • The article was Accepted by the Academic Editor on April 11th, 2014.

Version 0.1 (accepted)

· Apr 11, 2014 · Academic Editor


Dr. Swen Renner:
Dear Swen:

Thank you for submitting your paper on the “Movement and ranging patterns of the Common Chaffinch in heterogeneous forest landscapes.” As you may know, PeerJ is part of the Peerage of Science group so I have read the four very detailed reviews you received from them and your detailed response. Given this process, my decision is to accept your manuscript for publication immediately.

I have one personal comment, however. We all write papers that introduce preliminary results as a means to establish methods. They are inevitably descriptive and, at least for the ones I write, not the most exciting papers in my portfolio. Of course, so armed with your methods, you will be able to do some exciting tests of various hypotheses. I hope you will consider sending such papers to us at PeerJ.

External reviews were received for this submission. These reviews were used by the Editor when they made their decision, and can be downloaded below.

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