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Ana IF Ribeiro-Barros


Eng. Agronomist (Crop Production and Protection), MSc Biotechnology (Plant and Microbial Production), PhD Plant Molecular Biology, Habilitation in Agriculture and Forestry

Professor of Cell Biology, Plant Biotechnology and Ethnobotany at the University of Lisbon/School of Agriculture/Department of Natural Resources and invited Professor at NovaUniversity (Portugal) and Eduardo Mondlane University (Mozambique). Head of the Plant Stress and Biodiversity Laboratory from LEAF – Linking Environment Agriculture and Food Research Unit. More than 20 years of experience in Plant Sciences, focusing on agrobiotechnology applied to the characterization, conservation, monitoring and management of agro-forestry resources: (i) biodiversity; (ii) biology of plant-environment interactions (symbiosis, pathogenesis and abiotic stresses); (iii) ethnobotany, with particular.

Agricultural Science Biodiversity Biotechnology Conservation Biology Forestry Genomics Molecular Biology Natural Resource Management Plant Science

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Universidade de Lisboa
July 2015
School of Agriculture - Dep. Natural Resources
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