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Alexis R Santos-Lozada


I am an Applied Demographer and my work has been used to improve the reliability and accuracy of data collected in both the academia and the public sector. As an applied demographer I served as consultant for Policy Wisdom, LLC. During my time as a consultant I used Applied Demography techniques to estimate global markets for vaccines, and to estimate global revenues. I also served as a consultant for the government of Puerto Rico, through a Graduate Internship where my research identified flaws in data collection processes that had been used for over 10 years ago. This work was presented in the Federal State Cooperative for Population Estimates (FSCPE) 2014 Meeting. The FSCPE meeting is the most important yearly gatherings of applied demographers who represent state governments at decision making bodies at the U.S. Census Bureau. In addition to this, I wrote a population projections guide which is being used by the government of Puerto Rico to revise the processes of producing population projections. Finally, I worked as a Demography/Biostatistics Fellow for the U.S. Army Institute for Surgical Research where I was responsible to revise the use of statistical methods and propose alternate ways of approaching complex research questions dealing with military post-burn rehabilitation.

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