Aleksandr N Ishmatov


Aleksandr N Ishmatov, Ph.D, 31 years old
Author ID on SCOPUS: 36106750000
2002-2007 - diploma with honor ‘Altay State Technical University’ (engineer, information and measurements technology)
2007-2013 - Researcher in the «Institute for Problems of Chemical & Energetic Technologies of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences» (Biysk, Russia).
2011 - PhD thesis (‘Evolution of fine droplets during spraying and atomization of liquids by pulsed (and explosive) manner’) – in National Research Tomsk State University.
Scientific interest:
2008-2013 Problems of generation and evolution of fine (submicron) aerosols. In 2011-2013 I had 7 projects and grants in this field. (main institution: Institute for Problems of Chemical and Energy Technology SB RAS - IPCET SB RAS, Biysk, Russia).
Since 2014 I no longer publish articles, I was engaged in the preparation of my new project in pulmonary drug delivery: ‘Concentrated forms of ultrafine aerosols for pulmonary drug delivery: problems of personalized portable devices’ (Russian Science Foundation, Grant/project RSF №15-15-10008); Unfortunately our team had a force majeure event after winning the grant and under the terms of the RSF we closed the project (0.4 million dollars) – no good for me, after a years of preparation.
Since 2015 I was engaged in Epidemiology problems of seasonal respiratory infections related to environmental conditions and air pollution.

Infectious Diseases Public Health

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