Andreas Kroh

Andreas Kroh


Andreas Kroh is a researcher and curator at the Natural History Museum in Vienna, Austria. His main research interests are echinoderms, with a focus on the phylogeny, nomenclature and systematics of echinoids. Being a palaeontologist with a strong interest in bridging the gap between life and earth sciences he is actively involved in various efforts to ease access to biodiversity and taxonomic data on echinoids. He is involved in two database projects working towards this goal: the World Echinoidea Database ( with Rich Mooi (California Academy of Sciences) and the Echinoid Directory ( with Andrew B. Smith (NHM London).

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Researcher & Curator

Naturhistorisches Museum Wien
January 2005
Geologisch-Paläontologische Abteilung
The Natural History Museum Vienna is one of the biggest non-university research institutions in Austria. Its scientific collections, which are amongst the largest natural history collections in the world, are a window onto modern and past biodiversity and feature a wealth of minerals and meteorites, as well as prehistoric remains and anthropological items. The museum houses approximately 30 million specimens, increasing in number with ongoing research and exploration of nature.

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