Annamaria Kisslinger


Occupation and position held
Since 1990 she was a Technologist in the Technology for Research Support Area - Institute of Experimental Endocrinology and Oncology “ G. Salvatore”, National Research Council, Italy
1979 degree in Biological Sciences, University of Naples “Federico II”
1982 Ph.D. in Food Science and Nutrition by the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery University of Naples “Federico II”
2012- Master’s degree in “Technology Transfer Mediation” from Scientific Park - University of Tor Vergata in Rome
2014 - Professional degree in “Quality Management System Auditor”
Research interests:
a) Light-matter interactions of biomedical interest; photodynamic therapy (PDT) of tumors;
b) Regulation of proliferation and differentiation mechanisms in the male reproductive system; oxidative stress (disease and aging).
c) Quality and Project Management and Technology transfer
Others skills and competence
Founding member and Vice Chairman of GENS-Gene Environments Study- Foundation Onlus, since 2005
Member of Board of Experts of Innovation and Technolgy Transfer - Campania In.HUB, Member of the Foresight Group, CNR since 2012
Member of the Territorial Committee CNR project “Technology Transfer and Biotechnology for environments, health and nutrition” BioTTasa RIDITT since 2011
Founding member and coordinator of the quality and Project Management OpenLab (qPMO) supported by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, since 2011

Biotechnology Cell Biology Molecular Biology Science Policy

PeerJ Contributions

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