Academic Editors

The following people constitute the Editorial Board of Academic Editors for PeerJ. These active academics are the Editors who seek peer reviewers, evaluate their responses, and make editorial decisions on each submission to the journal. We will continue to add to the board of Academic Editors and are seeking qualified and diverse academics who share our vision.

Lai-Hua Xie

Associate Professor at Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School, Editor of American Journal of Medical and Biological Research, Dataset Papers in Biology, Frontiers in Physiology, Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research, PLOS One, World Journal Of Hypertension, and World Journal of Cardiology.

Jianhua Xu

Jianhua Xu is a professor and the director of Research Centre for East-West Cooperation in China, East China Normal University. He has published 14 books and more than 200 papers. He has worked as the editorial board member for academic journals‚ such as Journal of Desert Research‚ Areal Research and Development‚ Human Geography‚ Ecologic Science‚ Arid Land Geography‚ Chinese Geographical Science‚ Journal of Geographic Information System‚ Journal of Signal and Information Processing, PeerJ, etc.

Wei Xu

Dr. Wei Xu received his Ph.D. in Biostatistics from University of Toronto. He is currently a scientist and principle biostatistician in Princess Margaret Hospital on clinical research of cancer diseases. He is a faculty at Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto. Dr. Xu's research interests are statistical genetics and clinical trial design and analysis. He is the author or co-author of over 100 publications in peer-review journals.

Zhihong Xu

Professor, School of Bio-molecular and Physical Sciences, and Director, Environmental Futures Centre, Griffith University, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Soils and Sediments, Editor of Environmental Science & Pollution Research, Consulting Editor of Plant and Soil, and member of the Editorial Board of Pedosphere.

Bin Xue

Research Assistant Professor of the Department of Molecular Medicine at University of South Florida. Academic Editor of PeerJ. Regional Editor of Protein Peptide Letters. Academic Editor of PLoS ONE. Associate Editor of International Journal of Bioinformatics Research. Associate faculty member of Faculty 1000. Member of Biophysics Society.

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