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Academic Editors

The following people constitute the Editorial Board of Academic Editors for the PeerJ journal. These active academics are the Editors who seek peer reviewers, evaluate their responses, and make editorial decisions on each submission to the journal. We will continue to add to the board of Academic Editors and are seeking qualified and diverse academics who share our vision.

Dunxian Tan

Assistant professor/research at the University of Texas health Science Center at San Antonio USA. Associate Editor in Chief of the Journal of Pineal Research.

Chin Ping Tan

Professor of Lipid Chemistry and Technology. Recipient of the 2010 ProSPER.Net Scopus Young Scientist Award in the category of Agriculture and Food Security and TWAS Young Affiliate Fellow for 2010-2014.

Yuetsu Tanaka

Professor of Department of Immunology, Graduate School of Medicine, University of the Ryukyus.

Tatiana Tatusova


Phillip W Taylor

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, Macquarie University

Marc Tebruegge

Marc trained in Paediatrics and Paediatric Infectious Diseases in the UK (Great Ormond Street Hospital, St Mary's Hospital London), Germany, South Africa (University of Cape Town) and Australia (University of New South Wales). After 4 years of research into improved immunodiagnostics for childhood tuberculosis at the University of Melbourne and the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne, he returned to the UK in 2011 as NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer in Paediatric Infectious Diseases & Immunology.

Muy-Teck Teh

I obtained both my BSc (Biomedical Sciences) and PhD (Physiology) degrees at King's College London, followed by two Postdoctoral positions at Queen Mary University of London working on cell and molecular mechanisms of epithelial oncogenesis. In 2005, I was appointed my current lectureship position working on clinical translational molecular cancer diagnostics with special interest in epigenomics.

Jose. A. Teixeira

Professor of Biological Engineering Department, School of Engineering, Universidade do Minho. Head of the Biological Engineering Department. Associate Editor of Food And Bioprocess Technology. President of the Portuguese Biotechnology Society. 2006 Award of Excellence from Portuguese Science Foundation.

I. Karen Temple

Prof of Medical Genetics, Deputy Director of Human Development and Health in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Southampton. Clinical Consultant at the Wessex Clinical Genetics Service, University Hospital Southampton. Former President of the Clinical Genetics Society.

Michal Tendera

Professor of Medicine (Cardiology), Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland. Head, 3rd Division of Cardiology, Medical University of Silesia. Past President, European Society of Cardiology (2004-2006). Main areas of scientific interest: heart failure, coronary heart disease, cell biology and therapy in cardiology.

Cajo J.F. ter Braak

Professor of Multivariate Analysis in the Life Sciences at Biometris (Applied Mathematics and Applied Statistics Centre), Wageningen University and Research Centre. Distinguished Statistical Ecologist award (1998). Senior author of Canoco.

Ryohei Terauchi

Head of Department of Biological Sciences, Iwate biotechnology Research Center. Recipient of the 2010 Daiwa-Adrian Prize with Prof. Sophien Kamoun

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