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Mark E Hahn

Mark Hahn is a Senior Scientist and recent past Chair (2011-2016) of the Biology Department at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) in Woods Hole, MA, USA. He also is a Project Leader in the Boston University Superfund Research Program and the Woods Hole Center for Oceans and Human Health. Hahn received his PhD in Environmental Toxicology from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. He conducted postdoctoral research at WHOI before being appointed to the scientific staff in 1992. Dr. Hahn’s research foci include: molecular mechanisms of developmental toxicity following exposure to chemicals found in the marine environment; evolution of transcription factors (e.g. AHR, NRF2, nuclear receptors) involved in the response to chemicals; mechanisms of adaptation and evolved resistance to chemicals in fish following long-term chemical exposure. Dr. Hahn is author or co-author of ~160 papers in peer-reviewed journals and books. Dr. Hahn has trained a graduate and undergraduate students and has taught several courses in the WHOI/Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Joint Graduate Program in Oceanography and Oceanographic Engineering and he has served as Chair of the Joint Committee on Biological Oceanography of the WHOI/MIT Joint Program and as Education Coordinator for the WHOI Biology Department.

Anita C Hall

PhD in Neurobiology (UCL, UK), two post-docs in cellular neuroscience and stem cell biology (KCL, UK and Karolinska Institute, Sweden), appointed as a Neuroscience Lecturer at Imperial College London, UK and I have recently become one of its first Senior Teaching Fellows. For full information see my LinkedIn profile at .

Michael Hallett

I am primarily interested in computational biology and bioinformatic approaches to biomarkers based on multi-variate, multi-modal gene signatures, especially in the context of cancer.

Georges M Halpern

Georges M. Halpern is an MD and a PhD/DSc. He is Past-Professor of Medicine, and Nutrition, University of California, Davis [1983-1997]. A French and US citizen, he has worked/lectured in 143 countries. Currently, he is Distinguished Professor of Medicinal Sciences at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He focuses on identification, purification manufacturing of substances of natural origin. He is a Commander in the French National Order of the Mérite Agricole for cuisine/enology.

Ying Ying Han

Associate Researcher in Center of System Biomedical Sciences, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

Kyou-Hoon Han

Professor and Senior Investigator, Department of Bioinformatics, University of Science and Technology. Senior Investigator, Biomedical Translational Research Center, Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB)

Diane P Hanger

Reader in Neuroscience at King's College London, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience.

Anders J Hansen

Anders J. Hansen (AJH) has extensive experience working with characterization of genetic material in difficult samples either being aDNA, eDNA, forensic genetics or degraded DNA. AJH was one for the first to use DNA technology to characterize species contents in ancient environmental samples like ice and permafrost. Currently AJH’s research interests predominant focus on forensic genetics as well as genetic identification and discovery by metagenomic analysis of DNA and RNA in complex tissue samples, recent and ancient sediments including permafrost with the aim of describing the composition, regulation and distribution of genes, microorganism, phage’s, viruses and more.

Jin-Kao Hao

Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, Université d'Angers (France); Senior Fellow of the French "Institut Universitaire de France", Working on computational methods for large scale and complex combinatorial optimization problems.

Jin-Kao Hao holds a full Professor position in the Department of Computer Science of the University of Angers (France) since 1999. He becomes Distinguished Professor (Professeur de classe exceptionnelle - PR CE1 in 2010, nominated by the National Council of Universities - CNU 27, last level PR CE2 since 2013). In 2015, he was nominated as Senior Fellow of the Institut Universitaire de France. He was the Director of the LERIA Laboratory (2003-2015) (Angers Computer Science Lab) and the founder of the research group "Metaheuristics, Optimization and Applications". Before joining the University of Angers, he has been an Associate Professor at the National Higher Engineering School "Ecole des Mines d'Ales" (EERIE Campus at Nîmes) and head of the "Constraints and Heuristics" research group until September 1999. He is the holder of the French National Research and Doctoral Supervision Bonus (PEDR) and the Research Excellence Bonus (PES).

Tokuko Haraguchi

Senior Researcher of Biology at National Institute of Information and Communications Technology. Professor (joint appointment) of Graduate School of Science at Osaka University. Professor (joint appointment) of Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences at Osaka University, Editorial Board of Cell Structure and Function. Editorial Board of Journal of Electron Microscopy Technology for Medicine and Biology.

Amnon Harel

Associate professor at the Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee, Bar-Ilan University, Israel. Ph.D. in Genetics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Postdoctoral studies at UCSD on the nuclear pore complex, using the cell-free nuclear reconstitution system from Xenopus egg extracts. Current interests: the molecular mechanisms underlying nuclear pore biogenesis, the translocation of different cargoes through the central channel of the nuclear pore, scanning electron microscopy of various cellular structures.

James Harris

Group Leader in Arthritis and Lupus Research Group, Department of Medicine, Monash University.

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