PeerJ Preprints - rapid communication & early findings

Scope: Biological Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Medical Sciences, Health Sciences and Computer Sciences.

Types: Research Articles, "Posters", Literature Review Articles, Commentaries, Opinion Pieces, Case Studies, Case Reports, etc.

A PeerJ 'Preprint' is a draft that has not yet been peer reviewed for formal publication. Similar to preprint servers that already exist (for example, authors can submit draft, incomplete, or final versions of articles they are working on. preprints are not "publish ahead of print" articles, or articles that have been accepted and shown online before it has gone through typesetting, etc.

The benefits of preprint publication:

  • It's free and fast - published within 24 hours.
  • Your preprint receives a permanent, archival-standard link (DOI).
  • Establish precedent for your research.
  • Publish before you submit for peer-review, or at the same time.
  • Readers can leave comments and ask questions.
  • Update your article with unlimited revisions.
  • It's easy to submit your preprint for peer-review (at any point).
  • Submit a preprint published on bioRxiv for peer review at PeerJ.