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Our mission is to efficiently publish the world's knowledge. Help us build the next set of tools that will advance the current state of scientific communication. If you have an interest in ensuring that academic research remains free to anyone to read, download, and reuse then consider PeerJ.

UX Designer London, UK (Preferred) / Remote

The user experience has been an after-thought in most academic journals. We believe that every interaction and experience needs to be iterated upon, studied, and made pixel perfect if we are going to accelerate scientific communication. It could be as simple as submitting a form, browsing on a mobile device, or as complex as designing an entire workflow, but it needs to put the user at the center. In this role you will be given ownership of the PeerJ user experience both on the main site and related properties to ensure each user leaves us with warm fuzzies.

We've been winning innovation awards for re-imagining what the author experience should be like when submitting and publishing an academic paper. And we're continually getting praises for the smooth workflows that authors and editors experience (see some of our favorites on Twitter ), but we know there is a lot more that can be done. That is why we need your help to further raise the bar of what the experience of publishing academic knowledge should be like in the 21st Century.

Mandatory Skills

  • Demonstrable experience in designing intuitive navigation, checkouts, layouts and workflows
  • Information architecture design
  • Experience in user research, segmentation and user testing
  • Site performance analysis as related to the user experience
  • Strong communication skills
  • Best practices in usability, call-to-action copy and general copywriting
  • Wireframing, mockups and prototyping
  • Design background

Skills that would make you stand out

  • Past experience in working with marketing to understand user needs
  • Past work as a UI designer - branding, graphics work, etc
  • Google Analytics experience
  • Mobile or responsive design knowledge
  • PHP Development (ideally with a modern Framework such as Symfony)
  • Javascript, JQuery, or similar js library experience for prototyping
  • Academic experience
  • A mockup re-design of one of PeerJ's pages and why you think it needs improvement

Send us your résumé/CV, link to a portfolio or examples of work, and describe how you would change academic publishing to No recruiting agencies.

Backend & Frontend Engineers (mid-senior) London, UK

PeerJ is growing and needs help with completing new and existing backend and frontend projects.

We're using the Symfony framework for the user facing frontend and to do a lot of the talking in the backend with various services, databases, and APIs. We need a capable backend engineer who can liase with the current team to optimize for performance, security, external services, API improvements, and best practices. We're also in need of an additional frontend engineer to join the current team in optimizing for cross-browser performance, accessibility, javascript/ajax calls to the backend, object-oriented CSS, HTML5, Microdata, ontologies, and more.

Mandatory Skills - Backend

  • PHP or Python (ideally PHP)
  • Modern MVC frameworks such as Symfony or Django
  • Experience with AWS services or similar
  • REST API management experience
  • Seasoned in at least one of each SQL/NoSQL db and corresponding data modeling within an MVC framework
  • Performance and unit testing experience
  • Some type of version control software (ideally Git)

Mandatory Skills - Frontend

  • PHP or Python frameworks such as Symfony or Django
  • Seasoned in javascript/JQuery or other js libraries
  • HTML templates such as Twig
  • CSS and HTML best practices, Microdata, etc
  • Mobile vs. desktop behavior knowledge, and cross-browser support
  • Some type of version control software (ideally Git)

Skills that would make you stand out

  • Symfony experience
  • Redis experience
  • Previous experience taking UX designs from concept to finish
  • UI Design and wireframe experience
  • Agile development

If you would fit into either one of the backend or frontend roles, then please send a CV or résumé to: No recruiting agencies.

Devops Engineer (mid-senior) London, UK

PeerJ is growing and needs help with completing new and existing devops projects, as well as scaling and maintaining our infrastructure.

We're using the Symfony framework on a LAMP Ubuntu stack in the cloud with several other goodies (Redis, Varnish, Icinga, Puppet, etc) and are always open to adding or changing things if it helps.

You will definitely need to be comfortable with the command line in Linux and at least know a bit of Bash scripting. Beyond that, we're open to different skill levels. We're looking for someone who's trustworthy, adaptable and learns quickly.

Mandatory Skills

  • Linux
  • Bash or other shell scripting
  • Knowledge of at least 1 SQL/NoSQL db
  • Understanding of what a production environment is and what to do/not do there
  • Some type of version control software (ideally Git)

Skills that would make you stand out

  • PHP Development (ideally with a modern Framework such as Symfony)
  • AWS
  • Knowledge of monitoring systems such as Nagios/Icinga
  • Performance/Load testing experience
  • Puppet/Chef/other configuration management tool
  • Scalr, RightScale or similar cloud management experience

If you would like to be considered, then please send a CV or résumé to: No recruiting agencies.

Senior Application Developer London, UK

We are developing an open source multi-platform client/server c/QT application that is currently in alpha testing. Your role will be to take ownership of the project including:

  • Analyzing the current application requirements with an eye toward possibly refactoring for scale
  • Development of apis to integrate with our existing web based UI
  • Maintenance and support of any client issues

You should have strong client/server or peer/peer multi-platform application development experience as the application will need to run in Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. We don't necessarily expect you to develop for all of those, but the solution will need to work with all OSs.

Ideally you will have worked on projects in the past that have included releasing applications to the public (or large scale internal releases) and have worked with the full SDLC. It’s important that you're able to work well on your own, as well as part of a team, and are able to communicate and estimate time frames and issues that arise.

Mandatory Skills

  • C in a client/server multi-platform environment (preferably Linux, Mac & MinGW)
  • Rsync or similar
  • At least 1 cross platform application development language
  • Database application programming (preferably MySQL)
  • Version control (ideally Git)

Skills that would make you stand out

  • Any Peer-Peer application development
  • AWS S3 or other cloud file storage apis
  • Filesystem programming experience

If you would like to be considered, then please send a CV or résumé to: No recruiting agencies.

Open positions

Why work at PeerJ?

  • Everyone should have free access to research. That is not happening today, as most tax-payer funded research is locked up behind expensive paywalls. PeerJ is changing that and we are particularly looking for people who have experienced that paywall frustration in the past.
  • Publishing needs a shakeup. What better way to do that than by taking a Silicon Valley approach. We are funded by investors led by O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures and count Tim O'Reilly as not just a board member, but a vocal advocate for Open Access in tech and government. This means our approach has never been tried before and is open for you to directly lead.
  • Work with very smart and creative people. PhD and MS degrees are a dime a dozen at PeerJ. You also have access to the top scientists in the world.
  • We push code constantly. And if it's not good enough to push on a Friday right before beer-o-clock, then it's probably not good enough to push any other day either.
  • We offer top salary, stock options, a "take-what-you-need" holiday/vacation policy, and minimum $2,500 (£1,500) for your dev setup to be spent however you want every other year.
  • PeerJ has locations in both San Francisco, US and London, UK.