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Who we are

To solve our greatest challenges we need a 21st century update to scholarly communication. Our mission is to efficiently publish the world's knowledge. We do this through Internet-scale innovation and Open Access licensing to save your time, your money, and to maximize recognition of your contributions. We aim to drive the costs of publishing down for the academic community, while improving the overall publishing experience, and providing authors with a publication venue suitable for the 21st Century.

We have two publications serving the Biological and Medical sciences: "PeerJ" (a peer-reviewed academic journal) and "PeerJ PrePrints" (an innovative ‘preprint server’). Authors pay for a lifetime publishing plan, which gives them the ability to publish their articles with us for free. The Q&A + annotations platform provides a second route to recognizing contributions for knowledge-share.

Governing Board

Jason Hoyt, Pete Binfield, and Tim O'Reilly.

Jason Hoyt, Ph.D.

Co-founder & CEO - Geneticist. Indie rock day-dreamer.

Jason holds a PhD in Genetics from Stanford University where he worked under Michele Calos researching human gene therapy. He developed new methods for non-viral gene delivery into mouse hematopoietic cells using the phiC31 integrase.

Before founding PeerJ, he worked at Mendeley as Chief Scientist/VP of R&D and pioneered the data mining group that scaled Mendeley's growth to crowd source more than 150 million academic documents in just over two years. This firmly established Mendeley as a big data company. Also under his direction, services such as personal recommendations, search, real-time statistics, and the Mendeley API were developed. He has co-written and been awarded several major UK and European grants to investigate new data mining techniques and establish a pilot program with the University of Cambridge to integrate Mendeley with institutional repositories. Email Jason at

Jason strongly believes that research needs to be openly available if we are going to solve this century's biggest challenges.

Peter Binfield, Ph.D.

Co-founder & Publisher - Physicist. Gigapixel photographer.

Pete has worked in the academic publishing world for almost 20 years. Since gaining a PhD in Optical Physics, he has held positions at Institute of Physics, Kluwer Academic, Springer, SAGE and most recently the Public Library of Science (PLoS). At PLoS he ran PLoS ONE, and developed it into the largest and most innovative journal in the world. He is a respected authority in the academic publishing and Open Access worlds and has made numerous presentations to industry and academia. He is currently a member of the International Advisory Committee of the International Society of Managing and Technical Editors (ISMTE) as well as being on the Advisory Committee of the MedicineX conferences.

He is passionate about academic publishing and believes that publishing needs to be in service to the academic community to best facilitate the rapid and broad dissemination of research findings. Email Pete at

Tim O'Reilly

Board Member

Tim continues to be one of the most respected visionaries in regards to Open Source and the future of the Internet. He is a strong Open Access advocate, and was instrumental in helping to block the passage of the 2012 Research Works Act in the U.S. Congress, which would have damaged Open Access to research. Each year, Tim co-hosts SciFoo alongside Nature and Google, which brings together the most innovative minds in science for two days in Mountain View, Ca.

He is the founder and CEO of O'Reilly Media Inc., thought by many to be the best computer book publisher in the world. O'Reilly Media also hosts conferences on technology topics, including the O'Reilly Open Source Convention, Strata: The Business of Data, and many others.

Tim's blog, the O'Reilly Radar "watches the alpha geeks" to determine emerging technology trends, and serves as a platform for advocacy about issues of importance to the technical community. O’Reilly Media is a member of the general partnership of O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, an early stage venture fund. Tim is also on the board of Safari Books Online.

And making it all happen

Alf Eaton, Ph.D.

Senior Software Developer

Since creating HubMed in 2002, Alf has worked on journal publishing platforms (OJS) at the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation, built social software and annotation tools for scientists at Nature Publishing Group, and helped to build Mendeley's web platform.

Patrick McAndrew

Senior Engineer - DevOps

Patrick is an accomplished software engineer with over 15 years experience in the IT industry. He joins PeerJ having previously been co-founder of, a content delivery service to various hand-held devices. Patrick has a BSc in Computer Science from Georgia Tech and is a member of the British Computer Society, IEEE, & ACM.

Jackie Thai

Head of Publishing Operations

Jackie has worked in the academic publishing world at Neurosurgery and most recently at PLOS ONE, the world's largest journal. At PLOS ONE, she built and managed the editorial operations team, managed workflows and processes, and honed journal efficiency amid dramatic increased submissions to result in doubling submission and publication volumes year on year.

She specializes in organizational management and getting things done.


Dave Harrington

Backend Engineer

Dave was at Lightbox until it was acquired by Facebook in May 2012. Having a few months to kill before joining Facebook, he decided to help us out to promote Open Access.

Janos Toth

Senior Engineer - Frontend

Janos had been with PeerJ since launch helping us out in the short-term before continuing to Facebook in September 2012. Previously Janos had worked at Lightbox, which was acquired by Facebook in May 2012. He also develops and runs the London Startup chart in his spare time.