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Born: 1956, Ostrava, Czech Republic
Professional experience.
-2011 to present – professor, Department of Biology, University of Ostrava.
-2003-2011 – associated professor, Department of Biology, University of Ostrava.
-1993-2003 – university teacher, Department of Biology, University of Ostrava.
-1983, 1987–1993, researcher, Czechoslovak (later Czech) Acad.Sci., Brno, Ostrava.
-CSc. (~Ph.D.), Moscow State University, Moscow; 1987.
-B.Sc. Moscow State University, Moscow; 1982.
Special competence.
-Freshwater crayfish - systematics, biology, ecology.
-Decapod crustaceans - taxonomy and systematics of symbiotic shrimps.
-Stomatopod crustaceans - taxonomy and systematics.
-2000 to present – Consultation Committee of Czech UCN, Program ‘Crayfish’.
-2006 to present – Czech National Committee for coop. with IOC, UNESCO.
Main grant projects, expeditions, stays.
-2012, 2014, Papua New Guinea
-2010 Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef (Census of Marine Life).
-2011-2015 Taiwan, 4 summer stay.
-2008, 2009 Red Sea, sea-anemone shrimps
-2006-2013Vietnam, summer research trips.
-2006 Belizean Barrier Reef, Global Partner Program, U.S.A.
-2003-2005, 2007-20009, 2012-2015 grant projects on crayfish biology (GACR, GAAV).
-1991-1997 Arctic Fiords, Spitsbergen, 5 summer expeditions.
Other qualifications.
-International scuba-diver certification (CMAS***).
-Underwater video-operator, with TV in Czech Rep., Poland (about 40 TV documents).

Ecology Marine Biology Zoology

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professor of zoology

University of Ostrava

professor of zoology

University of Ostrava, Faculty of Science

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