Yulia Zvereva

Yulia Zvereva


I was born in Irkutsk (Eastern Siberia, Russia). In 2013 I graduated from Irkutsk State University, the faculty of Biology and Soil Studies as a zoologist. After I started my postgraduate studies in Limnological Institute SB RAS, where I work till now. Presently I prepare my PhD thesis with the theme "Biodiversity and Ecology of Oligochaeta (Annelida) in Lake Baikal Splash Zone". So I mostly deal with Baikal oligochaete worms ecology, systematics, and physiology. Particularly, I work with Enchytraeidae Family representatives.

Biodiversity Ecology Freshwater Biology Taxonomy Zoology

Work details

Chief Specialist

Limnological Institute SB RAS
September 2013
Laboratory of Aquatic Invertebrates Biology
My responsibilities include: fieldwork with implying of common hydrobiological methods, primary treatment of the samples (identifying and subdividing macro- and meiobenthic animals at the high taxa level), an estimation of number and biomass dynamics for benthic communities, identification of oligochaete worms species.


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