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Xim Cerda


I am a community ecologist and evolutionary ecologist working with ants as model system. My main research interests are: 1) the evolution of heat resistance in Cataglyphis desert ants, with a multi-focus approach that combines behavioural ecology, chemical ecology, morphology, phylogeography and physiology; 2) the importance of abiotic and biotic factors (e.g. temperature vs. competition) in the ant communities.

Animal Behavior Biodiversity Biogeography Ecology Entomology

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Estacion Biologica de Doñana (C.S.I.C.)
May 2007
Department of Ethology and Biodiversity Conservation
The Doñana Biological Station is a public Research Institute belonging to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) in the area of Natural Resources. Our fundamental mission is to carry out multidisciplinary research of the highest standard directed to understanding, from an evolutionary viewpoint, the way in which biodiversity is generated, maintained and how it deteriorates, as well as the consequences of its loss and the possibilities of its conservation and restoration. An inseparable derivative is also to promote the transfer of this knowledge to society.

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